Tornado survival Island

Enter the wild and insane world of tornado and craziest ever drive.

Can you face this challenging game?  You will be driving in your car hunting for big dangerous tornadoes. Don’t drive too close you don’t want to damage your expensive car do you? Ever wanted to be a tornado hunter?

Ok then jump into your super car and test your inhuman driving skills. Get ready to race through dangerous tornado. Speed, Stunts, escape from hurdles and obstacles, you can do all these and more in real Tornado Survival Island. Enjoy the thrill of real tornado. Steer your car through deadliest obstacles. We are taking you from the ground to the sky, where height is really matters. There are mid air rocks. Get a bird’s eye view with Tornado Survival Island game. Your task is not less than impossible. Test your best possible driving skills by playing Tornado Survival Island. Tornadoes are often referred to as twisters, whirlwinds or cyclones, although the word cyclone is used or call it just tornado.

They will get stronger and stronger so watch out! Keep your eyes on the horizon and try to spot one.

Your job is to control the trouble in the front-line and make sure you’ll rush and drive ahead instead of getting into the center of the thunderstorm. Or your special car will break!

it is not easy to be Lightning storm fighters, they need to be in time to perform in tornado hunter games like this. Experience one of the best Tornado Survival Island to play and drive your vehicle to the thunderstorm before it is too strong. Drive against attacking obstacles. You have to perform multiple stunts and keep yourself safe.

Maybe you can outrun the tornado then better right?

Experience thrilling adventure now….!!

Key features of Tornado Survival Island:

– Try to find the dangerous tornadoes.

– Unlock all kind of amazing cars.

– Dangerous missions Tornado Survival Island.

– Drive ahead and rush through every thunderstorm.

– Beat time and win from the trouble.

– Choose different vehicles to drive in Tornado Survival Island

– Experience the most dangerous car driving ever.

– Become one of the lightning storm fighters.

– On Screen controls

– Drive ahead and rush through every thunderstorm.

– Choose different vehicles to drive in Tornado Survival Island

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